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By on July 1, 2008
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“We love our truck drivers!” says Ruth Lyrse, assistant general manager of the Greenwood TA. Sitting in the top northwestern corner of Louisiana, just five miles from the Texas border, this new addition to the TA family has been serving drivers for more than 25 years. “We have all the facilities to help them,” she continues, “clean showers, a game room, a barber shop, truck wash and our restaurant, so we have plenty of regulars. We know them and they know us!”

Lyrse immediately points to customer service — “This is the South! We’re friendly,” she says with a charming giggle — as Greenwood’s calling card for truckers, but also notes the continuous attention to keeping restrooms and showers sparkling clean.

When the location became part of TA, two service bays were added to the shop and lots of areas got upgrades. “TA made us brighter,” Lyrse says. “And the TA name is well-known so we are getting a lot of new customers.”

All of those new visitors are welcomed as if they are old friends — because soon enough, they will be.

Buffet, Louisiana style

Every Friday, the Greenwood TA has a seafood buffet available, and it’s a favorite with customers. They dig in for seconds of the catfish, shrimp, seafood gumbo, fried clams and frog’s legs. But they should always save room for dessert: bread pudding or banana pudding or, if the manager is feeling in an especially good mood, strawberry shortcake.

She Knows Everything…

…And everyone. Ruth Lyrse started working at the Greenwood location as a cashier, went on to a position as bookkeeper and eventually into management. She’s been there for more than 20 years and says her main job is to keep the drivers smiling. “If there’s any conflict, I step in and see what I can do to keep the customer happy,” she says.

Claim to Fame

Actor Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction; Snakes on a Plane) was on the grounds recently, filming Soul Men. For two weeks the movie crew shot at the Midcontinental Inn, the motel at the location. The film is scheduled for release later this year.

Looking Good

Drivers who want to leave Greenwood gleaming can head over to the onsite truck wash to get their rigs in top form. They can also sharpen their own appearance with a quick visit to the barbershop at the location.

Quick Change

Two new service bays were added to the two existing service bays, so drivers can get in, get their rig serviced, and then get back on the road quickly.


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