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By on September 1, 2008
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DENIS CREPS DOESN’T DO ANYTHING HALFWAY. So when he traded in his 2001 Western Star for a 2007 model, he went all out.

The owner and operator of Midnight Express Trucking, Inc., with his wife Nadine, got a Western Star 4900 EX with 82-inch High Roof Stratosphere sleeper that comes with all the bells and whistles: upholstered swivel bucket seats, a portable bathroom, full refrigerator, television, DVD player, microwave and more.

“I’m as comfortable as I can be on the road,” says Creps, who takes a lot of pride in the customizations. “Not a day goes by that I don’t get a compliment on it.”

But he couldn’t just park that puppy in the street. Since he was having a house built in Lake Havasu, Wash., at the same time the truck was being built, and many homes
there have custom bays built for their RVs, Creps decided to fully load one for his truck. “My wife told me we had $29,000 in upgrades and all that went into garage,” he says.

The 1,400-square-foot custom bay is almost as large as the 1,800 square-foot home. It has a full bath, shower, custom cabinets with workbench, lighting and its own heat and AC units separate from the home. Polymer was even poured over the concrete floor. “It’s awesome,” Creps says.

And when his wife saw how much he loved the truck, she surprised him with a little gift of her own — a custom mailbox made to look like an exact replica of his Western Star. It took two months to make, and according to Creps, was worth every cent of the more than $500 price tag. “It weighs 65 pounds and is padlocked so someone can’t steal it,” he says. “The detail is awesome.”

So between the truck, the mailbox and the garage, neighbors and passersby don’t know where to look first. “I’ve had more people stop and look, and even take pictures of the mailbox,” Creps says. People even drive out of their way to get a glimpse of the glistening rig and its smaller counterpart.

But the truck is not merely a showpiece. It’s a workhorse too. “It’s just about to turn 190,000 miles in just 14 months,” says Creps. “It’s out there working and making money.”

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