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Steady as He Goes

By on September 1, 2008
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It just isn’t normal to decide it would be fun to drive a car 150 feet in the air. Over water. On steel cables.

But Liu Suozhu, 48, of Henan province in China, wanted to do it anyway. 

 Suozhu recently drove a car over the Mi Luo River in Pingjiang City. During the 30-minute ride, covering about 750 feet, he offered his own minute-by-minute description of the drive via radio, broadcast to more than 10,000 people who turned up to cheer him on.

The car had no modifications. The steel cables it balanced on were only three centimeters wide, providing Suozhu with little leeway in avoiding a plunge to the water below. 

Suozhu said the last few minutes were the most difficult to navigate because the steep slope blocked his rear view. He could be seen stopping several times during the last leg of the journey. 

Before taking on the rigors of this particular stunt, Suozhu drove on high wires at various local festivals in preparation for the real thing. And in 2007 he did a similar bit of driving, guiding a pickup truck on cables from one hill to the other for 15 minutes.

With such a steady hand, chances are good that Suozhu is one four-wheel driver who has no problem staying in his lane.

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