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By on January 1, 2010
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There’s a lot resting on your tires and wheels — maybe even more than you realize. So 33 TA truck service centers now offer total wheel alignment.

With proper alignment you will reduce tire wear and component wear, spot problems early, improve handling and minimize rolling resistance. Even driver fatigue is affected, since a constant battle to avoid even a small drift can drain you of much-needed energy.

TA understands the issues that truckers face every day on the road, and this service is part of our ongoing effort to offer the best customer experience. Especially when you purchase new tires, total wheel alignment is an important way to get the most performance and durability out of your vehicle.

In the next year, total wheel alignment service will be added to even more locations, making TA your one stop shop for truck service.

You can find a list of TA centers offering total wheel alignment in our ad in this issue.

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