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Strike a Pose

By on May 1, 2009
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Who can resist the Street View option on Google maps? Look up a childhood home, your own street or a collection of favorite stomping grounds at, click on street view and you get a ground level picture of the spot you’ve chosen.

The Street View cameras, strapped onto cars that roam the roads, have caught all types of odd events, including a drunk guy passed out in front of his house in Australia, a house fire and a marriage proposal (by giant banner).

That last one was a deliberate staging by a Google employee after the Street View team announced the timing of a particular run in one area.

But a couple of artists in Pittsburgh, Pa., have truly gone gaga for Google. In May 2008, Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley began the Street with a View project. They staged a series of scenes for those street view cameras, including a man walking in a yellow and aqua bird costume, a band practicing in a garage, a marathon race and a medieval sword fight.

Interested in their work? Enter Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, Pa. in the search box of Google maps, and take a virtual stroll down their street.

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