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By on January 1, 2009
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Marianna, Fla. TA

We can say it now. The Marianna, Fla. TA looked a little out of date.

“It just needed a facelift,” says Country Pride Manager Randy Mooney. “The fixtures were about 20 years old. And there were a few other things that needed to be updated.”

And now? “People come in to a very bright and appealing place,” he says with a wide smile.

The friendly spot off I-10 in the Florida panhandle looks like a whole new travel center following a major overhaul.

The entire dining room was stripped down to the bone, then built back up with new carpeting, new colors and decorations, and a new buffet bar. New showers have been installed. The parking lot was repaved. Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Popeyes franchises have been added. The store was gutted and rebuilt. Everything is brand new.

“There are customers who have been coming here for years,” says Mooney, “They are very impressed and they actually make a point of telling me how much they enjoy looking at our new place!”

They have you at hello
The cheerful surroundings match the welcoming personality of the staff. “Our goal is outstanding service above all,” says Mooney. “We want to have the friendliest service, the cleanest restaurant and the best food in town. The rule is that nobody leaves without being happy.”

What’s cooking?
The new buffet bar inspired the kitchen staff. Mooney constantly asks the drivers what they want to see on their plates and then gets around to dishing it out. Chicken and dumplings, ribs, black-eyed peas and corn pudding are among the favorites. On weekends the restaurant sets up an omelet station.

Familiar face
While there have been many changes at Marianna, longtime server Chris Dickerson is a familiar favorite of the location’s regular customers. She’s been working the overnight shift for about 10 years. “A bundle of energy in her 70s,” Mooney says. “Drivers adore her, and come here specifically to see her because they know she will give them great service.”

Tell a friend
Though it had to go through a few months of the renovation, employees and customers say the results were worth it. “Drivers who come in are very impressed,” Mooney says. “They get on their CBs and start bragging about the site, telling other drivers that this is where they should stop!”

Clean, easy-to-use Rescue Tape available at TA

Suppose you spring a leak in your radiator hose or water line right when you’ve hit the middle of nowhere. Maybe, with winter weather here, you need a way to protect your trailer light connections from all the salt and chemicals on the road.

A new product, Rescue Tape, will help with that and more. Now available at TA, this silicone tape, which comes in lots of cool colors, has no sticky backing to mess with. It instantly fuses to itself as you wrap it around the hose or wire or any object in need of fast repair. Oil, dirt and water don’t interfere with its ability to seal.

It won’t unravel. In fact, the company even says that the tape can be used to form an emergency o-ring or fan belt if necessary.

Standard rolls are 2” wide and 12’ long in black, red, clear, green, white, yellow, orange and blue. The industrial size rolls are 2” wide and 36’ long, available in clear, black and white.

TA and its customers raise money for St. Jude Hospital

It was a very happy Halloween for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., thanks to an extremely successful fundraising effort at both TravelCenters of America and Petro Stopping Centers. Customers and employees raised $410,961 in the month-long Halloween Pumpkin Promotion, one of the highest amounts raised by any corporate partner this year.

For every $1 employees and customers donated to St. Jude to help in its fight against childhood diseases, a pumpkin pin-up with their name was displayed on the wall throughout the month of October.

“TA is proud to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,” says Tom O’Brien, President and CEO of TA. “Our participation in the annual pumpkin promotion gives our hard-working employees and customers the opportunity to do something good for the children treated by St. Jude and take an active role fighting childhood cancers.”

In order to help protect your points, ensure you receive all the points you’re entitled to, and provide efficient service to all customers, please keep your card with you at all times so you can be credited promptly for your purchases.

To earn points in the restaurant, fast food and truck service shop, you must present your Road King Club card BEFORE the transaction has been completed. Points cannot be awarded if the Road King Club card is not available or if it is presented after the transaction has been completed.

To earn points on diesel fuel purchases when paying at the pump, you must swipe your Road King Club card at the pump BEFORE fueling. When paying inside, you must present your Road King Club card to the fuel desk cashier BEFORE the transaction is completed. Points cannot be awarded if the Road King Club card is not available or if it is presented after the transaction has been completed.

If you have a temporary Road King Club card, you must select “Yes” when asked, “Do you want other products?” on the Pronto Pay screen. You will then need to go to the fuel desk in order to get the points added. Points cannot be added if this procedure is not followed.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for being a Road King Club member!

Your card is in this envelope

Feeling frustrated because you signed up to become a member of the Road King Club and you don’t have your card yet? Looking in vain for a replacement card? Most likely, someone at home didn’t realize that the mail they tossed away contained the card you’ve been waiting for.

Let them know what to look for. The blue envelope with a line of trucks has the TA logo and a Road King Club logo on the front.

Once you have signed up for membership, or have contacted TA to request a replacement for your lost or damaged membership card, it takes just 7-10 business days for the card and informational material to arrive. Be sure to check your mail carefully, or have the person who collects your mail at home look for the Road King Club envelope. If you have not received the card within 10 business days of asking, contact the Road King Club customer service desk (866-752-2582) to be sure that they have the correct mailing address.

Then, when you get your membe
rship card in hand, you can swipe your way to great savings, sweepstakes and more.

Keep Your Membership Profile Up-to-Date
You can check and update your profile at any kiosk. TA needs your contact information to be current in order to notify you if you have won a sweepstakes prize, and to keep you informed about Road King Club member-only specials.

And don’t forget that one of the benefits of membership is the Road King Club email newsletter. Sign up to receive the newsletter and once a month it lets you know about members-only specials and other Club news.

You can sign up for this valuable newsletter by visiting or by going to a RoadMile Marker Kiosk.

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