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By on September 1, 2008
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I love truck shows like the Mid America Trucking Show and the National Truck Equipment Association’s Work Truck Show. Besides meeting my friends, I get to see some of the most innovative new devices made for our industry. I walk the entire show looking for the fruits of supplier ingenuity. Here are a few of the best new products I found recently.

Cleaning up

If you don’t have time to take a shower, but you need one before your next delivery or pick up, do what they do in hospitals. Donovan Industries ( makes patient care products. REDI+WASH is a self-heating pack of either five or eight ready to use cleansing sheets. A chemical device heats them to a comfortable temperature for your use inside the cab. Who says you can’t have a warm wash right in your cab?

Bright idea

Ever wonder how close your trailer tandems are to the curb when turning at night? Ever wish you could see your clearance when backing? Target Light ( shines an amber circle on the pavement behind you, on the dock well or the truck parked next to your space so you’ll know where you are. It doubles as a legal marker light.

And another bright idea

Four way flashers let others know they should be careful, but they don’t communicate why. New Concept Equipment ( makes a supplemental four-inch diameter LED lamp that sequentially flashes its 48 diodes. They’re arranged in a pattern indicating a U-turn. The lamp has its own circuitry and switch.

Brake Check

Don’t be taken by surprise to find worn brake linings. Brake Tech Tools ( was started by a TMC member who invented brake gauges for his own shops. The tools are used by CVSA inspectors, and are now available to truckers. The go/no go gauge, Part 104-2ssC, takes seconds to let you know if your linings are legal.

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