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The Right Fuel

By on July 1, 2008
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Drivers depend on having access to the right fuel for their truck when they need it, so TA is pleased to be a leader in ULSD availability, with 91 percent of its locations offering ULSD only.

When the rollout of ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel), required for use in 2007 and newer engines, began at the end of 2006, TA worked overtime to be sure that all of its customers had the fuel they needed. While supply questions in some areas were being resolved, TA maintained the integrity of the fuel it offered in those locations by continuing to offer Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD). Few of the trucks on the road at that time had the newer engines and all pumps were clearly marked in line with regulations, so drivers could feel secure that they were getting the correct product.

Now there are more trucks with 2007 and newer engines on the road, and in response to customer needs, TA pushed forward to increase the number of locations that offer ULSD. The TA website,, updates information on ULSD availability at its locations daily. The Location & Amenities Guide (pp. 61-70) also notes ULSD availability for each location.


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