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By on September 1, 2008
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THE CAREFREE HOBO who jumps into a boxcar for a free ride is an iconic image in America. Hopping a freight carries a bit of a romantic tinge to it, thanks to a slew of movies and novels. And it once was possible to catch a ride on a freight train and not have to worry too much about getting caught. The standard enforcement practice was random “stop and search” to inspect trains for the presence of unauthorized riders or illegal cargo.

Now, artificial intelligence is being utilized for scanning trains in motion.

Duos Technologies’ Train Rider Detection System (TRiDS) uses a breakthrough in automated identification and video analytics to automatically inspect freight trains moving at speeds of up to 70 mph as they pass through a nondescript checkpoint.

The system captures, inspects and processes real-time images from moving freight trains, digitally searching for unauthorized riders. It alerts train security personnel to the presence of irregularities, automatically marking the positions of detections requiring further inspection.

The system is minimizing the need for train stops by security personnel who are currently relying on random train inspection methods which cause severe delays and interruption to traffic flow. With TRiDS, trains can maintain their velocity throughout the route.

Currently, two TRiDS units are undergoing pilot testing with a major U.S. railroad at an undisclosed location along the southwestern border and at a location in California.

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