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What’s New? A Lot.

By on September 14, 2010
RoadKing Mag

You talk. We listen. You want convenience and comfort when you come off the road. TA and Petro want to provide that.

That’s why you’re seeing so many changes at TA and Petro locations across the country. After conducting a number of Driver Councils, we are putting your suggestions into action.

One of the biggest changes we’ve made is the introduction of the UltraOne card. Drivers who belonged to both the RoadKing Club and the Petro Passport program requested a single card for both. That made perfect sense, so we did it. Now points from both TA and Petro are combined on one card, which can be used at both TA and Petro locations.

When you said a nice hot shower at the end of a long day on the road was important, we made changes. Now our showers have new adjustable shower heads with improved water spray, new cloth floor mats, new liquid soap and shampoo dispensers, décor baskets, large orange towels and more. We know that TA and Petro have the best showers on the road because our managers regularly shower at our locations and at competing locations. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

One of the other topics that comes up frequently at our ongoing Driver Councils and in customer comments is food. A lot of drivers, like everyone else these days, are trying to stick to a healthy diet. That can be difficult under the best circumstances, and after a long, tough day, people want to sit back and really enjoy a good meal.

Petro Iron Skillet restaurants continue to offer healthy choices signified by the heart symbol on the menu. While TA restaurants have always included a wide menu selection, you asked for more variety in the healthy meal options.

At TA our four new Stay Fit with Flavor menu items are each under 600 calories. We’ve got a grilled chicken sandwich, grilled chicken dinner and chicken or shrimp stir fry. You don’t even have to be watching your diet to like these new dishes.

These are just a few of the improvements we are making in response to your requests. We will continue to seek out comments through our Driver Councils and respond to requests. Let us know what you think, by commenting on our Facebook pages or filling out a comment card at our websites, and

Thank you!
When Iron Skillet restaurants came up with a delicious way to support U.S. troops, customers responded. Thanks to all who ordered the BBQ Double Up Deal meal and added to the funds raised to support the USO.

When diners chose one of 12 entrees, and added a side of BBQ ribs, $1 was donated to the the Mobile USO program. The USO is known for lifting the spirits of America’s troops through entertainment, but they also offer critical support to forward-deployed troops, wounded warriors and families of the fallen.

Passport Connection
It’s easier than ever to access WiFi services at Petro Stopping Centers. Petro Passport Rewards Club points can now be redeemed for Interstate SpeedZone wireless internet network services at Petro’s full-service facilities. The WiFi splash page has easy-to-follow instructions for any member who wants to redeem points to connect to the Internet.

UltraOne Card Available
Why keep track of two club memberships when you can do everything with one? The UltraOne Card lets you earn, redeem and save UltraOne points at both TA and Petro locations. If you already have a RoadKing Club or Petro Passport card, the next time you swipe it at a kiosk you will be asked if you want to upgrade your membership to UltraOne. If you have both cards, both accounts can be combined right at the kiosk. Once you upgrade to UltraOne you can continue to use your current cards and build points until your new UltraOne card arrives.

Not a RoadKing Club or Petro Passport member? It’s easy to sign up for UltraOne:
1. Online at or
2. At the kiosk at any TA or Petro location. You’ll get a temporary card immediately.
3. Call (800) 632-9240, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to midnight ET.
4. At any TA truck service center or Petro:Lube, get a temporary card on the spot.

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