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By on January 6, 2011
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If the beautiful mountain scenery isn’t enough to keep drivers at the Wheeler Ridge Petro for a while, the surroundings on the ground will.

Wheeler Ridge is part of the Tejon Ranch Company’s Industrial Complex, a 1,400-acre development that sits at one of California’s busiest highway intersections. The Petro has all the amenities a trucker could ask for, making it a perfect spot to relax and refresh.

“We’re a unique complex and we get a tremendous amount of travelers,” says Store Manager Doug Boose. “It’s a beautiful location and people enjoy coming here and enjoy the variety.”

Cow town

Tejon Ranch is a working cattle ranch and farm established in 1843, which has expanded toe encompass more than 270,000 acres. That’s 422 square miles, nearly as big as Los Angeles. Scenes from the movie Seabiscuit were filmed at the ranch.

Plenty of space

With more than 400 truck parking spaces, drivers are almost certain to find a spot at Wheeler Ridge. Out of the truck they have a lot of ground to cover too. The six-building travel center has three convenience stores where drivers can stock up on goods and snacks. And there are three fast food restaurants and a full-service Iron Skillet. And for dessert? “Drivers love to get an ice cream at Baskin Robbins,” says Boose.

Is this a spa?

If long days on the road have left drivers looking a little grungy, they can clean up from head to toe. There’s an onsite barbershop and a shoeshine stand. For those with stiffness in the back or shoulders, a chiropractor is available to help get the kinks out.

Extra Special

The fuel staff knows that time means everything to drivers. They specifically look for ways to help speed things along so drivers can get back on the road.

“We go out of our way for our drivers. We’re there if they need help with a TripPak. Or we help them get their points to upgrade at the kiosk,” says Fuel Manager Jackie Stotler.

During Driver Appreciation Week in September, Wheeler Ridge served up hot dogs and Hershey’s Kisses at the store. Outside, staff members washed truck windows for the drivers, an unexpected treat.

Much Appreciated

Wheeler Ridge offers so much variety and space, drivers may think that they will be lost in the crowd, but the staff makes regulars and guests feel right at home.

“Our customers are really wonderful and you get to make friends,” says Stotler. “It’s like being with friends every day and making new friends every day.”

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