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By on July 1, 2008
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Truck drivers have always been a resilient lot, and they always will be

I have a confession to make.

When it came time to plan this issue, which we always devote to National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, I had no ideas.

Times are hard for a lot of drivers as the price of fuel and general economic trends affect the business. We wanted to acknowledge that, but we also wanted to offer something positive to our readers.

As we threw out possible story ideas and rejected one after another, I was ready to skip the whole idea, and just offer a tip of the hat to truckers everywhere in this little bit of editorial space.

Then, tuned in to Sirius radio on my way to work, I listened to Tim Brady talk about how to truck successfully, even in tough times. Sure, I’d heard him talk about the business of trucking plenty of times before, and I knew all about his In-Cab Education seminars, which help drivers adopt a true businessman’s approach to their work. And I realized he could help.

I’m thrilled to say that Tim has written his first article for Road King, calling on his own 23 years on the road and talking to two successful drivers to show what it takes to get through a rough patch. Their stories offer hope and optimism at a time when so many are talking gloom and doom. Their stories remind us that truck drivers have always been a resourceful and resilient lot, and always will be.

The same can be said of our latest Hard Work, Big Dreams winner, Henry S. Twiggs, who has been driving for 43 years. Profiled in our May/June 2008 issue, he told Road King, “My family and I have lived through the Detroit riots, the two attacks on New York City and most recently, Hurricane Katrina, which left my wife and I homeless.

“Trucking is the one thing that has been constant in my life and allowed me to continue to fight adversity. I have truly benefited and have no regrets about being an over the road driver. The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy. It’s also the backbone of my life.”

Road King  salutes Henry S. Twiggs, and will send him a grand prize package.

Which brings us to our newest Hard Work, Big Dreams subject, Claude Jones. You can read his inspiring story on page 26.

And what about your story? What have you seen as a professional driver that has changed or inspired you? Who have you met because you were on the road, who made an impact on you? How has trucking enriched you? How has it helped you overcome a great obstacle?

Send your story to us at and you may be featured in Road King.

Nancy Henderson
Managing Editor

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