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By on July 1, 2009
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Your opinions count. I asked for feedback in my last Road King column and we got it. We are constantly upping the level of customer service; driver satisfaction with TAs across the country is growing. Three questions have come up more than any others – more info is below. Thank you for being a loyal TA customer, and keep those comments coming to 1-888-982-5528. It’s our best way to find out if we’re keeping you covered.

Q: TA keeps promoting its all-you-can-eat menu, but the buffet has always been all you can eat. What’s different?
A: The difference is that everything on the menu is all you can eat, too. More than 40 TA locations now offer all you can eat on the entire restaurant menu. Do you wish you had more fries with your sandwich? Trying to eat more vegetables? Want seconds on pancakes before you hit the road? How about thirds? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Q: How do I find out when TA has special prices or promotions?
A: Sign up at and we will send a text message or an email (your choice) directly to you.  If you want even better deals, join the Road King Club by visiting We run specials specifically for Road King Club members. A monthly email newsletter gives you all the info you’ll need to get great deals. We’ve got you covered.

Q: I keep hearing about DEF. If I need it, will TA have it?
A: Of course! TA has been bringing you what you need for almost 40 years. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is available today in all of our stores and on all of our RoadSquad emergency vehicles. We gave the industry its first bulk DEF dispenser in our Ann Arbor, Mich., shop. We’ve been on top of DEF since its beginning. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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