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You’re Telling Us!

By on September 9, 2011
RoadKing Mag

Maybe you’ve been skeptical in the past about my promise that we will listen to you. You may figure a big company like ours is going to file away your suggestions or concerns and just do business the way we think it should be done. And there are plenty of companies out there that operate that way. We don’t.

You help shape our company. You have a voice in how we do business, and I think even the most doubtful drivers have seen the connection between what you say and what we do.

You said you wanted more healthy meal options, and we introduced our StayFit menu. You said you wanted a place to exercise and we installed StayFit exercise rooms and mapped out walking trails for you at a growing number of locations. You said you wanted one member rewards program that worked at both TA and Petro locations and we launched the UltraONE card.

We plan to keep our conversations with you going. Just a few months ago, at our booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show, drivers stopped by to talk with our staff about their TA and Petro experiences. One consistent suggestion was about earning UltraONE points at our restaurants. In May, thousands of UltraONE members completed our restaurant rewards survey, and I thank each of you for your participation. We’ve tallied the answers and have developed a rewards program around the responses.

The Restaurant Rewards program gives you the opportunity to swipe your UltraONE card and earn at all of our participating full-service and fast-food restaurants. Swipe at five visits and earn a free beverage or dessert. Visit us 10 times and save $5. Get $15 with 20 visits. You earn every time and can redeem any time, wherever you dine at our sites.

The program began in August and goes through the end of the year. It was built by drivers, for drivers. I hope you like it so far.

Even when a comment is very specific, applying to one service at one location, we pay attention. At the very least, we take action to satisfy that one driver. But we also know that when one person is interested or concerned enough to let us know about something we can do better, then there are probably plenty of other drivers who feel the same way. Maybe that means we bring up the topic in one of our regular Driver Councils, or maybe it means we ask you to answer a few questions in a survey. Before we make decisions about what to offer drivers, it only makes sense to ask you what you think. Thank you for your feedback. And, keep it coming.

Ultra Chef Contest Winners

More than 1,000 trucker chefs submitted recipes for the UltraChef One Million Point Recipe Challenge. Two winners received 200,000 UltraONE points. Their dishes are available at TA and Petro restaurants for a limited time, and they’ll receive 50 additional points each time their dish is ordered.

Tom Prostrollo
(photo not available at press time)
Casa Grande, Ariz.
Winning dish: Cheese Ravioli Alfredo, available at TA.

In Prostrollo’s large Italian family, with nine brothers and one sister, the boys had to learn how to cook if they wanted to eat. He did, starting with a cast iron pan, a gas stove and a demand that everything be made from scratch. He says his Cheese Ravioli Alfredo is full of spices and hearty enough to keep stomachs full for hours.

“Any driver who orders it once will want it again,” says Prostrollo.

Mike Feerick
Burkburnett, Texas
Winning dish: Mike’s Smothered Steak, available at Petro.

Always a farm boy at heart, this 30-year trucker looks for meat and potatoes when he’s hungry. So he submitted a recipe for a breaded cube steak smothered in gravy, served up with mashed potatoes. Feerick admits he got the recipe from his girlfriend, and then learned to make it on his own.

“Most of the drivers I know like to eat a good steak for dinner,” he says. “I know they’ll like this.”

New Petro locations

Visit the new Salina, Kan. Petro at Exit 252 off
I-70 and Raphine, Va. Petro at Exit 205 off I-64/I-81 at 2440 Raphine Road.

TruckSmart upgrades

TA’s mobile app has upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0 and is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. TruckSmart 2.0 allows drivers to access their UltraONE Rewards Program account information with point balances, shower credits and recent transactions.

Helping truckers in need

TA, a supporter of St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (SCF), is pleased to note that following TA’s nomination for funding from BP Fueling Communities grant program, SCF was awarded a $30,000 grant.

Great service here

TravelCenters of America recently received a World Class Customer Service Award from Smart Business.

Truck service advantage

TA and Petro truck service centers now have JPRO Diagnostics, which work for all truck makes and models.

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  1. Rick Woodcox

    October 13, 2011 at 2:30 am

    I had a problem with one of your truck stops down in GA. My truck would not start and I needed a jump start. The service truck came to my location and tried to give me a simple jump. The truck didn’t start. The service man left and never returned. My girlfriend asked another guy and he gave me a little pull and got started. We spent most of the day at the truck stop and never got any one from the TA service facility to ever return. i realize that they did try but I really don’t believe I should of had to pay for something that they never did. I am not saying they didn’t try I am saying they never did anything but try. If trying to do something and don’t do it don’t charge for it.

  2. Rick Woodcox

    October 13, 2011 at 2:34 am

    another issue I had at a TA in GA. My girlfriend and I was photographed naked and our picture was posted on Youtube. No problem but never got any answer to this problem and that was several years ago. If you cannot get an answer for what happened is one thing. But to never get a responce from the company I can agree with that. I might of been after a free ride. TA & Petro is one heck of an organization and was happy with most service I did recieve. Thanks and keep up the good work

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