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By on March 1, 2009
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Zero to 62 miles per hour in four seconds? Not in a truck. Well…

David Vrsecky, a champion truck racer in Europe recently set the world speed record for a big truck. Driving one kilometer (0.62 miles), he clocked in at an average 171.878 kph — or about 106 miles per hour. The previous record, set in 2007, was 158.828 kph (almost 99 mph).

The 9,920-lb. Buggyra Freightliner truck he drove is a big rig with modifications. The engine was adjusted to accelerate quickly and the tires had to have maximum traction.

The 33-year-old Vrsecky, from the Czech Republic, has been making a name for himself in the truck racing world for a while now.  Though he set the speed record on a solo ride, he regularly competes on tracks side by side with other heavy trucks, racing at speeds up to 100 mph. Because of the size of the trucks and their proximity on the tracks, a  maximum speed limit is set for the drivers.

He does love to go fast, though, even when there is no record to break or competitor to beat.

 Soon after setting the new speed record, Vrsecky tried his hand at downhill snowboarding. “Lucky me, snowboarding has not been contractually prohibited to me, unlike motorcycling. An absolutely fantastic sport! No speed limiter, I could ride as quickly as I wished,” Vrsecky says on the Buggyra website.

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