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About RoadKing

RoadKing is a magazine that focuses on the lifestyle, stories and issues that affect over-the-road truck drivers. The magazine is published bi-monthly and is free at more than 255  TA and Petro travel centers and/or online @ RoadKing.com.

Who reads RoadKing?

RoadKing readers are professional truck drivers. They are owner-operators and fleet drivers who average 23 nights a month on the road. For our readers, trucking is more than a job; it’s a way of life.

Who are we?

RoadKing magazine covers all things trucking. Every issue includes tips from the prosdriver profiles, stories that focus on rigs and rig components, as well as articles that are just plain fun. A Locations and Amenities Guide in downloadable and printable PDF is available at the “Locations and Amenities” tab here on RoadKing.com.

Drivers rely on RoadKing to educate and entertain on the road. We are the resource for the modern truck driver, and we love to hear from our readers. If you have a story that’s worth telling, send it our way.

And the rest is history

For 50 years, RoadKing magazine has been a source of information and entertainment for truckers. The magazine has won multiple awards for its articles and design over the years, but most importantly it spotlights the men and women behind the wheel — who they are, why they truck and why they will keep on trucking.

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