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A New Beginning

By on September 1, 2019

WILL Jose Castro’s Turnaround Inspire You?

From a career perspective, Monday, January 14, 2019 was a new beginning for Jose Castro. The married, father of two was starting a new job with Prime Inc. and was in Springfield, Missouri for orientation. He came into trucking with the goal of improving his family’s financial situation. His external persona, however, was at odds with the introspective Jose.

“The person I once was had been forgotten, left behind,” said Jose. “The former me was missing in action. I was unhappy with myself. My weight was up; my self-esteem was down. I had slipped into being a low-energy person. I was depressed that I had let myself go. I was too accepting of the status quo. I wasn’t being the husband and father that I thought I should be. In short, these factors added up to an unhealthy stew.

Jose Castro – 235 lbs.

Transformation Begins

A couple of days later, Jose had the good fortune to meet someone inspirational who provided a new outlook, a new perspective. That person was a former truck driver, a championship swimmer, a motivational speaker, and the founder of a business not only focused on improving truck driver fitness, but also focused on the inner being. That person was none other than Siphiwe Baleka, founder of Fitness Trucking.

“Siphiwe’s presentation to the class resonated with me,” said Jose. “It was the kick in the butt I needed. When I left orientation and entered into the next phase with a driver-trainer, I was resolute that I would exercise and eat in a way that would be respectful to my body and mind. What I experienced was a transformation that dramatically improved my relationship with myself, my family and my attitude toward life.

Jose Castro – 175 lbs.

“I’m eternally grateful that Siphiwe was placed in my path and that his words and story resonated with me. I was excited by his passion to help others, and it ignited the passion in me. I had stumbled upon something more precious than I could ever have imagined. What I gained was a new outlook on life, an optimism and vitality that can only come from finding internal harmony within the strata of our human condition.

“I’m hopeful everyone who reads my story will take the initiative to implement an exercise routine. I’m certain there are many drivers and people in general who would benefit from 240 seconds of intense physical movement. Beyond the health and weight loss benefits, it’s the entryway to something very special, a healthy, harmonious and happy life. For me the stars aligned; my life came back together.”

In the six and a half months from mid-January to the end of July, Jose Castro dropped 60 pounds, from 235 to 175. More importantly, his new professional beginning provided the catalyst for a much more important new personal beginning. 

You can do the same. National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week (NTDAWW) is the perfect time to take personal responsibility for your health and wellness. Following is a short guide that will help you look in the mirror, commit to change and start shaping up.

September 8, 2019 has been designated the “National 4 Minute Fit Day” to kick off the annual NTDAWW. Jose Castro, Siphiwe Baleka and the RoadKing team are asking everyone in the industry to start that day by doing Step 1: turn on your metabolism before you start to drive.
To join the movement, download the free Simple Workout Trainer app and do the “4 Minute Fit Day for NTDAWW” workout, skm.me/sw/6vr3. In March, 2017, RoadKing also issued a Call to Action: Turn On Your Metabolism. You can view at roadking.com/health/turn-on-your-metabolism/

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