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Great Loss is Driver’s Great Gain!

By on January 1, 2020

Ready for Change after tipping Scales at 475 pounds

By: Siphiwe Baleka, Founder, Fitness Trucking

“It happened gradually over time, and I didn’t really realize it. I was thinking about the future and wanted to be around to see my son grow up, meet my grandchildren. I was just ready for a change in my life. I wasn’t always this heavy.”

Chris Bundock explained how he managed to find himself weighing 475 pounds and why he decided to do something about it. In July 2019, he enrolled in Fitness Trucking’s 13-week Driver Health & Fitness Program. Chris had been driving long haul for almost three years. On his enrollment application, he said, “I’m out of shape. I don’t exercise. My diet is poor. I rarely eat breakfast. I drink two or three sodas every day. I always go back for seconds at the buffet. I never know how many calories I’m eating. I regularly snack on chips.” When asked what was preventing him from exercising regularly, Chris said, “time.”

Does This Sound Like You?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of drivers come to me for help because they’re scared. While fear is a strong motivator, it usually takes some kind of major crisis for drivers to start a behavior-modification program—a doctor’s diagnosis, an upcoming DOT physical or an embarrassing experience. Whatever it is that finally motivates drivers to act, the number one reason is wanting to be around for the kids and grandkids.

Getting started may, in fact, be the hardest part. As Chris learned, however, achieving results was not as difficult as he expected. “The changes I made were small, pretty much when and what I eat,” said Chris. To accomplish this, Chris started logging everything he ate and drank using the Cronometer app. After the first week (in which he made no changes to his nutrition), I helped him establish his nutrition profile. From there, we set his nutrition goals based on the 4 Minute Fit Technique: eat some form of protein every three hours, gradually reduce your carbs to no more than 130 grams per day and keep your calorie intake between 1700 and 2000. That’s it.

Chris could eat and drink anything he wanted so long as he followed those three guidelines. And this was relatively easy for Chris. After the first week, he consistently ate breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner—that’s five meals spread over every three hours throughout his shift. From the beginning, Chris was able to keep his carbs below 130g by cutting out the soda and choosing protein snacks instead of chips. Sometimes, Chris dropped his calorie intake too low, to less than 1400 calories, and I had to tell him to eat more! By doing this, Chris said, “I learned how to boost my metabolism, and keep it going throughout the entire day.”

Ramping Up Exercise

While quickly mastering the nutrition part, Chris also worked on the fitness part. Starting from scratch, Chris devoted 15 minutes each day to turning his metabolism on before starting to drive. For the first four weeks, he followed the daily exercises in the Active Trucker Phase 1 program on the Skimble app. During the second four weeks, he followed Active Trucker Phase 2. Those programs are designed to build a driver’s fitness level to the point where he or she can do four minutes of movement at maximum intensity. According to Chris, “I would exercise by my truck, in my house, backyard, pretty much anywhere.” For some drivers, the prospect of exercising can be intimidating. Often, drivers tell me they’re embarrassed if people are watching them. “I never really care what people think,” said Chris. “I’ve been large my entire life.”

When Chris started, his weight was down to 455 pounds. After four weeks, he lost 24 pounds. After eight weeks, his weight dropped to 411 pounds. After week 12, Chris’ weight had dropped to 399.8 pounds. “I felt more energetic and wanted to do more activities with my wife and son.” 

Now, after the first 13 weeks, Chris continues to lose weight, eating protein at three-hour intervals throughout the day while limiting his carbs and exercising every other day. When asked how he thinks life will be different when he reaches his goal weight, Chris jokes, “smaller clothes, maybe no CPAP machine.” He’s targeting a modest weight loss averaging about two pounds per week during 2020 and achieving a goal weight of 300 pounds by the end of the year.

Any driver can learn how the 4 Minute Fit technique achieves significant results, the same as Chris is doing without enrolling in the Fitness Trucking 13-week Program. Simply do the following: 

According to Chris, “It’s never too late to make the change but you have to want to do it. It’s not something you can do for someone else, it needs to be for you or it won’t become a lifestyle.”  

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