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National ‘4 Minute Fit’ Day

By on July 1, 2019

Sunday, September 8

Seven years ago, the Chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association, Robert Low, said, “We can make a difference for our drivers… we can help save the lifeblood of our industry. If you really love your drivers, what are you doing about their health? It’s become very popular to say, ‘We love our drivers.’ We try to do things so it’s more than that. If you’re not walking the talk, it rings hollow… Image is the basis for advocacy… Our image is never going to be solid, unless we address this issue… If the reality of our industry is that our drivers aren’t very healthy and are dying prematurely, that can’t help us in respect to image and advocacy. This is a long-term battle… We’ve got to build it wide and drive it deep.”

In March, 2017, RoadKing issued a Call to Action: Turn On Your Metabolism https://www.roadking.com/health/turn-on-your-metabolism/.

Since then, Fitness Trucking has been traveling across the nation and teaching truck drivers the simple, two-step technique for turning on your metabolism and burning fat while driving. The technique has helped Fitness Trucking develop the #1 weight-loss program created specifically for truck drivers.

September 8, 2019 has been designated the “National 4 Minute Fit Day” to kick off the annual NTDAWW. We are asking everyone in the industry to start that day by doing step 1: turn your metabolism on before you start to work. To join the movement, download the free Skimble Workout Trainer app and do the “4 Minute Fit Day for NTDAWW” workout. http://skm.me/sw/6vr3

Importance of Self Analysis

Often, I hear drivers blaming the industry and blaming truck stops for their obesity problems. How many times have I heard, “You can’t get healthy food at truck stops!” That’s not true. Or, “There’s no exercise facilities. They need to build gyms at the trucks stops!” Today, StayFIT offers UltraONE members indoor fitness rooms, walking trails, basketball courts, and more. These free amenities provide you with the opportunity to exercise while on the road. Yet, how many drivers use these facilities regularly?

“The bottom line is that your health is YOUR responsibility. You can’t wait for the industry to change. Drivers must take the initiative and lead by doing what’s in their power to do.”

The bottom line is that your health is YOUR responsibility. You can’t wait for the industry to change. Drivers must take the initiative and lead by doing what’s in their power to do. And the 4 Minute Fit Technique is certainly within your power to do no matter how busy your schedule or how many miles you’re driving.

In the last issue I wrote, “If the over-the-road brotherhood and sisterhood could bond together in a single national campaign to take 4 minutes to move with maximum intensity before they started driving each day, then I believe that truck drivers will lose a significant amount of weight and can become the model for corporate wellness. By showing that winning the war against obesity is possible, professional truck drivers can teach America the simple technique of turning on your metabolism at the start of each day.

Wherever you are on Sunday morning, September 8th, make it the day you commit to a better you. Every “4 Minute Fit Day for NTDAWW” workout will be recorded, and the individual and collective strength of the driver brotherhood and sisterhood focused on changing industry culture will be measured. Together, starting on September 8, we can build this movement and win the war against obesity. 

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