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Prepping for Summer Adventures!

By on May 1, 2019

The time of year that all outdoor lovers relish the most is almost here! Summer is the ultimate season for camping, fishing, hiking and scouting. We’ve survived a long winter, and it’s finally time to get outside and celebrate the sunshine. This article dives into some favorite summer activities and provides tips and tricks that you may find useful as you prepare for your summer adventures. 


Bridgett-5Summer is the ultimate time for camping in the great outdoors. I like living in the public-land mountains of Utah. It’s an ideal place for the 10-foot camper I restored a couple of years ago. Camper trailers, even one as small as mine, help protect you against the elements while sleeping near nature. Before the trailer, I spent lots of time camping in the bed of my truck or in a small tent. Although fun and peaceful most of the time, severe thunderstorms can make outdoor life just a bit too challenging.

In the places I like to camp, it seems to always be very windy, and that is not particularly enjoyable while sleeping in a tent. Having a small trailer definitely provides more protection from the elements, and also keeps you warmer. It’s a great way to connect with nature, but also provides a warm, cozy bed each night. My camper has no electricity or water, so I use the nearby facilities of a small town to shower and do laundry. Living a simple life close to nature is the most rewarding experience anyone could ever ask for, at least in my opinion. 

Outdoor Cooking

Bridgett-2One of my favorite parts about summer camper living is my outdoor kitchen. Cooking outside is a great way to spend your evenings with friends and family. There are numerous ways to cook outside, but my favorites are a Camp Chef grill, a Dutch oven or an open fire. My outdoor kitchen setup starts with the Camp Chef Rainier grill placed on a foldable table. This grill works perfectly for quick one- or two-person meals at camp or on the go. It is small enough to throw in the back of your truck and take to your favorite lake, so you can cook while you cast.

My other kitchen component is the Camp Chef Expedition. This is a less-portable, two-burner stove that’s great for cooking larger meals. These stoves run on propane and self-light in seconds. I also keep a large, waterproof tote full of knives, spatulas, paper towels, plates, and silverware outside near my stoves to make everything easily accessible. 

Some of my favorite summer camping meals include:

  • Venison backstraps and crispy bacon potatoes
  • Elk taco bowls
  • French toast and eggs for breakfast
  • Dutch oven apple crisp for dessert 

Fly Fishing

Bridgett-3Summer is by far my favorite time to fly fish. Why? It’s simple… no more frozen hands and toes. Out in the western parts of the United States, summer is the first chance you have to access a lot of lakes that were frozen during the previous months. High alpine lakes are some of my favorites to fish and often hold beautiful wild trout that are eager to take your fly. The summer months also offer some of the most amazing dry fly hatches. 

Every fly fisher understands there’s arguably nothing more fun to watch than a big hungry trout sticking its nose out of the water to eat a fly off the surface. Summer is also my favorite because it’s finally warm enough for me to kick around in my float tube. When float tubing, you sit low in the water, so it’s important that the water is decently warm. Float tubes enable you to kick around a lake and take in all the beautiful scenes on that body of water. It’s a really fun way to fly fish, and I recommend that everyone try it at least once! 

Fish With Me

Besides fly fishing for fun, I also offer all-inclusive guiding services on Utah’s most beautiful and wild lakes, rivers, and creeks. To learn more and book a trip contact me at chunkytroutoutfitters@gmail.com.

Scouting for Deer & Elk

Setting trail cameras in the summer is simply a blast. I love hiking around and looking for new deer and elk hunting spots. The places I hike are often miles into the back country and setting up cameras is the best way to keep track of numerous places since you cannot be everywhere at once. A lot of hard work during the summer months could lead to a very successful fall season. 


Bridgett-4Summer is an amazing time to get out and hike. Hiking is a great form of exercise and enables participants to be one with nature, providing some amazing outdoor therapy and numerous health benefits. Once the snow melts, the mountains are an open playground to explore. I recommend looking up your local trails and going on new hikes this summer to have the ultimate outdoor experience. America’s public lands and national and state parks offer endless opportunities. Personally, I love summiting mountains in the backcountry. I also like hiking alpine lakes in search of hungry trout. Going on a long hike never disappoints, and I hope you’ll have as much fun as I do exploring the mountains this summer. Happy Trails! 

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