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By on May 1, 2019

Tell Us About Your Companion Animal

A recent driver survey conducted among UltraONE® Club members indicated that approximately 20 percent of drivers travel with a companion animal. That number has been rising in recent years as more companies come to realize the benefits, particularly the positive impact on recruiting and retention.

By contrast, the American Pet Products Association pegs household companion animal ownership at 62 percent. While dogs and cats are most prevalent, rabbits, gerbils, rats, mice, birds and other species also share our homes and our lives.

Pet-Story-2Companion animals not only provide love and affection—they may even help keep us well. Recent studies have linked animal ownership to lower blood pressure, reduced stress, less incidence of heart disease, and lower overall health care costs. In short, companion animals can make us happier and healthier.

Share Your Animal Story

In upcoming issues of RoadKing, the editorial team would like to share short stories about drivers and their companion animals. Your answer(s) to one or more of the following questions will help get the ball rolling:

  • What do you like about traveling with a companion animal?
  • How has a companion animal helped improve your life?
  • What are the benefits of companion animal ownership?
  • Has your health improved as a result of companion animal ownership?
  • Do you travel with an officially certified service animal?
  • What tips do you have for selecting a companion animal that is suitable for life on the road?
  • What special considerations have you encountered regarding care and feeding?
  • What have you done to make your truck more livable for a companion animal?

What You Need to Do

Contact the RoadKing managing editor, Warren Eulgen, via phone or email. Usually available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday as follows:

262.544.6600 – Editorial Office

Warren@HighVelocityCommunications.com – email

The only thing you have to do is answer a few questions. Providing hi-res digital photos, if possible, would be helpful. A draft of your companion animal story will be returned to you for review and approval prior to publication. If enough drivers respond, companion animal stories will become a regular feature in every bimonthly RoadKing issue. Thank you!

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