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By on November 1, 2017

Cummins Power Technologies Set Pace

In addition to the AEOS electric technology introduced on page 14, Cummins executives in a range of disciplines shared their respective visions for the power solutions and energy-diverse products that will power linehaul trucks of the future. When it comes to Class 8, the belief is diesel will remain as the most efficient power source for the next few decades. That is clearly evident when looking at the innovations on display during a recent visit to the Cummins Technical Center in Columbus, IN.

Introduced in January of 2017, the X15 big-bore diesel will likely top 35,000 units by yearend. When launched in 2022, the next generation X15 will be capable of meeting 2027 GHG emissions legislation. This updated 15L engine will be 300 lb. lighter than the current X15, and have the height of a 13L engine, ensuring efficient installations in ultra-aero truck designs, both conventional and cabover.

Cummins innovative 12L engine will hit the market in 2018 with the industry’s highest power-to-weight ratio for vocational, regional and weight-sensitive, bulk-haul applications. It’s 600 lb. lighter than the closest 13L engine and 150 lb. lighter than the closest 11L engine. Though weight savings is one of the X12’s most important improvements, other advancements will significantly reduce complexity.

Clearly, Cummins leadership believes that energy diversity is critical to the company’s future success. Technologies the company is currently offering or developing include:

Clean Diesel – Cummins linehaul diesel engines are engineered for optimal performance and power, while offering class-leading fuel economy through the use of advanced air handling and fuel system controls. Compact Single Module Aftertreatment provides longer maintenance intervals for the lowest cost of ownership. The recent formation of Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies enables Cummins to provide single-source solutions for integrated powertrain technologies.

Alternative Fuels & Power Solutions

Cummins R&D investments are focused on developing products and technology solutions, utilizing a wide range of fuels. A high-efficiency, spark-ignited technology can deliver diesel-like performance and durability across a range of liquid fuels, such as ethanol, methanol, and gasoline, while meeting the most stringent emissions requirements. Cummins continues to investigate the viability of bio-fuels, synthetic fuels and hydrogen, and has also invested in exploratory projects focused on Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technologies.

Natural Gas

With its latest Near-Zero natural gas engines, Cummins continues its leadership in providing natural gas engines as one of its sustainable, affordable and readily available power options. Working toward Class 8 integration, these engines offer adaptability with Agility’s Blue-IQ fuel delivery technology for full connectivity.

Data & Analytics 

To go far beyond the capabilities of telematics systems, Cummins formed a new internal organization called the Digital Accelerator in May 2017. This group seeks to streamline
innovation, bringing concepts from the idea stage to commercialization at the most efficient and effective pace.

“As a global power leader with an unmatched service and support network, we are better positioned than any other
company to win in new and emerging technologies and in new markets,” said Rich Freeland, Cummins President and Chief Operating Officer. “We will leverage our deep industry and customer knowledge and our scale advantage to win.”

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