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Harnessing the Power of Road Rage

By on May 1, 2017

Stars Aligning for a Bright NHRA Top Fuel Future

Road Rage Fuel Booster™ renewed its commitment as the primary sponsor of Hennen Motorsports and driver Kebin Kinsley in the 2017 NHRA Mellow Yellow Drag Racing Series Top Fuel class. Although the part-time schedule of the prior two seasons will continue this year, the multifaceted effort to ramp up performance now and on into an expanded 2018 schedule is evident based on the commitment of a five-star team: Road Rage president Charles Smith, team owner Roger Hennen, driver Kebin Kinsley, new crew chief Donnie Bender and the dedicated crew.

In addition to the human resources, a key ingredient in fielding a top fuel winner is a top-flight car. Lots of teams at this level can produce engines that crank out 10,000 horsepower, but applying that power to consistently yield 1,000-ft runs topping out in the 330-mph range and a few hundredths over 3.6 seconds is what separates the season champion from everyone else. While competing for the  championship is not possible running a limited 2017 schedule, qualifying well, winning rounds and competing for race wins is certainly within reach. At the core of the team’s optimism are two key factors: a new car and the new crew chief.

Upgrading the Car

Optimism about the car stems from its origins. It’s an almost new Hadman chassis that Doug Kalitta ran 12 times during the 2016 season. To make sure the tremendous flexing forces absorbed during each run had not weakened the chassis, a new Kalitta Motorsports front half was installed over the winter. From there, the car has been stripped bare. Every nut and bolt and every component—structural, mechanical and safety—were subjected to rigorous inspections and then rebuilt with new parts and pieces. Five engines and nine sets of heads underwent the same process.

Championship Crew Chief

Donnie Bender is a 4-time NHRA Top Fuel champion crew chief who knows a thing or two thousand about fielding a winning car. He did it back-to-back twice—with Scott Kalitta in 1994 and 1995 and Larry Dixon in 2002 and 2003. He moved over from Kalitta Motorsports on a full-time basis to lead the Hennen team’s off-season preparations and to take his decades of experience and leadership to the track. He is operating with the full authority to make the Road Rage top fueler super competitive everywhere the team chooses to run during 2017.

Taking It to the Track

By the time you read this story, the first outing may have already occurred at the April 21-23 Houston NHRA Spring Nationals, or it may be coming up on May 19-21 at Topeka in the Menards NHRA Heartland Nationals. Other events on the 23-race 2017 schedule will follow. Watch for updates in future issues of RoadKing.

With key elements for on-track success in place, the stars are truly aligning for a road-raging NHRA Top Fuel future.


RRFB_12oz_6PackCaseRoad Rage Arrives at TA-Petro
Reduce Fuel Consumption, Minimize Carbon Output

Road rage on the highway is never a good thing, as you well know. ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster™ in your tank is always a great thing, which you may not know. ROAD RAGE delivers cost and environmental efficiencies by reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and minimizing carbon footprint. Nano-Catalyst Technology™ targets and eliminates fuel-related problems, before they occur. Traditional detergent-based fuel additives only address the symptoms of fuel-related problems after the fact. Eliminating fuel-related problems before they occur is why ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster is America’s fastest growing fuel additive.

Technology in a Nutshell

As you may have experienced first hand, the quality of the diesel fuel that goes into your tanks has a huge impact on engine performance. With the Nano-Catalyst Technology of ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster, you can achieve an ROI of 2X, 3X, maybe even 4X. How is that possible?

While your truck engine has designed-in performance parameters, the quality of diesel fuel that powers it can vary significantly. Contamination can be a serious problem, but fuel can be altered, manipulated and even improved. That’s what ROAD RAGE does. Its Nano-Catalyst Technology enables your engine to produce more energy by lowering the ignition point and burning the fuel nano-seconds sooner and more completely than it normally would. By utilizing more of diesel fuel’s energy to its maximum potential, you will improve the BTU value, increase MPG, and reduce maintenance costs and emissions.

Maximizing energy delivery with each piston power stroke results in better fuel efficiency, because you’ve harnessed more of the fuel’s inherent chemical energy-producing properties. On the exhaust stroke, the emissions pushed out the exhaust valves are lower, because more of the bad stuff has been consumed during combustion. More of the fuel’s stored potential energy is converted into usable kinetic energy. In simple terms, you generate more usable power, with fewer exhaust particulates coming out.


Thorough scientific testing has documented the scope of ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster’s ability to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


Whether you’re an owner-operator with one truck or a fleet manager with many trucks, you can see the improved performance and financial payback from using ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster by conducting a simple, objective test. Before introducing ROAD RAGE, document your baseline performance numbers, including MPG, DEF consumption and length of time between regen cycles. With those numbers established, start adding and continue using one 12-ounce bottle of ROAD RAGE per 200 gallons of diesel (1 ounce per 17 gallons) for the next five or six tanks of fuel. Compare the results. ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster president Charles Smith is so confident that you’ll be pleased with the results of your test that he is offering a 100% money-back guarantee, documented by your purchase receipts.


ROAD RAGE Fuel Booster is available now at participating TA-Petro locations. Please ask for the product by name. Also look for the $20 Mail-In Rebate Offer when you purchase three 12-ounce bottles of ROAD RAGE by June 30, 2017. See rebate offer for complete details, and visit RoadRageFuelBooster.com for additional product information and performance data across a broad range of prime- power, diesel applications.

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