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TA Truck Service Technicians Show Skills at TMCSuperTech Competition

By on November 1, 2019

The TA Truck Service team of ASE Master Technicians competing at the TMCSuperTech Competition won seven stations and came in third overall in the Trailer category and fourth overall in the Heavy Duty Tractor category. The event was held September 16-17 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

TMCSuperTech is an elite competition bringing together the best truck service and repair technicians from across the U.S. The two-day competition consists of written tests and hands-on skill stations. This year, the entire TA Truck Service team was part of the 87 out of the 132 competitors to advance from the preliminary written test to the hands-on, skill-station portion of the event.

These skill stations present technical challenges, unique to different components of a heavy-duty vehicle. Competitors must solve the challenges within a time limit. They earn points for their progress, which determines skills station winners and overall top scorers.

The TMCSuperTech winners were announced on September 17 at the conclusion of the competition. Congratulations to the TA Truck Service winners:

Michael Gavrielides, TA Madison, Georgia

  • Brakes station champion, Heavy Duty Truck Track
  • Liftgate station champion, Heavy Duty Truck Track
  • Fourth overall, Heavy Duty Truck Track

Scott Davidson, TA Madison, Wisconsin

  • Wheel End station champion, Trailer Track
  • Liftgate station champion, Trailer Track
  • Third overall, Trailer Track

Michael Kerfoot (JR), Petro San Antonio, Texas

  • Written Test station champion, Trailer Track
  • Precision Measuring station champion, Trailer Track
  • Electric Corrosion station champion, Trailer Track

As TMCSuperTech celebrates 15 years of competition, TA Truck Service celebrates 15 years of participation. In addition to a long-standing tradition of excellence at TMCSuperTech, TA Truck Service technicians also compete at the state level throughout the year. This year, more than 50 technicians from over 30 TA Truck Service facilities competed in 11 state competitions, with seven technicians winning first overall in their states and seven finishing second or third in their states. Altogether, TA Truck Service competitors won 36 skills stations at 2019 state competitions.

“This was an outstanding year for our technicians competing at the state level and TMCSuperTech. I am proud of all their accomplishments,” said Skip McGary, Executive Vice President of TravelCenters of America. “The consistent participation and success of TA Truck Service technicians at these events is a testament to the hard work and dedication that they demonstrate each day in our repair shops, helping professional drivers get back on the road, quickly and safely.”

TA Truck Service is committed to hiring dedicated technicians and providing them with comprehensive training to provide the highest quality truck maintenance and repair on the highway. On average, 1,600 technicians, managers and repair shop staff receive training each year at one of two TA Truck Service training facilities located in Lodi, Ohio and Eloy, Arizona. 

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