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This driver always makes time to mentor the next generation — whether at home or on the road

By on March 9, 2015

Calvin Anderson • Orangeburg, South Carolina • Driving for 31 years

As an owner-operator for Old Dominion Freight Line, I’ve visited cities in my home state of South Carolina from Charleston to Columbia and many other stops along the East Coast. The most beautiful view through my windshield was the Blue Ridge Mountains as I hauled flat rock across North Carolina.

So much has changed since I started my career. Texting while driving is a major cause of traffic accidents. Many other obstacles have tested the abilities of all drivers. I thank the good Lord that I have not been involved in an accident in all my 31 years on the road.

I’m a great believer in getting to know my fellow drivers and feel honored to be part of such a tight-knit community. Many of my friends call me Road Dog because of my passion for the lifestyle. I’ve always enjoyed having a supportive atmosphere around me as a balance to all the hours spent alone on the road. It’s a tough job, but new drivers shouldn’t feel intimidated or scared. Looking back, I’ll remember many things about my career, the most important being my experiences as a trainer to the next generation of drivers. I feel it is my responsibility to teach them everything I’ve learned and ensure their future success.

Trucking has given me the opportunity to make a good living and share these gifts with my family. I met my wife, Tanya (pictured above), a schoolteacher, at church and we had an instant connection. I trust her more than anyone, and she’s the most compassionate, giving person I know. We share the same work ethic and dedication for helping our neighbors and currently serve the community as volunteer firefighters. I am proud to be treasurer of Dynamic D.A.D.S., a mentoring program Tanya created to help kids with their education. One of my other hobbies is cooking at local fundraisers and school functions — ribs, chicken, sausages. My efforts in the kitchen have earned me another nickname: Grill Master.

When I speak with young men in our community, I try to keep their best interests in mind and often suggest truck driving as a potential career path. I’ve found it to be one of the best ways to go out and explore the world. That’s why, even when I retire, I’ll probably still drive one or two days a week. Giving up something that I love so much would leave a tremendous void.

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  1. Tanya Anderson

    March 12, 2015 at 10:30 am

    I truly feel blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. He is very supportive of me and all that I have to do. I thank God every day for his spirit and what we share. He is truly a great role model for any young man coming up in today’s time.

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