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Fitting Tributes

By on November 1, 2016

Standing Tall for America

Make no mistake, Lynn and Shelly Baxter of San Antonio, Texas are very proud of Shelly’s son and daughter-in-law, their employers’ family, and the major branches of the U.S. military. One look at the 40-ft. 2006 Freightliner M2 straight truck they drive, however, is not enough to see all of the tributes. You have to look at multiple graphic wraps on the front, back and both sides.

Husband and wife team drivers since 1990, the Baxters joined Landstar Express America in 2004, upon going to work for Barney Magary, a now-deceased Navy veteran who became a small motor carrier. With nine trucks in the expedited-services fleet, Magary’s stepson and current company owner, Alvin Mann, funded the Baxter’s efforts to create the uniquely themed military tribute truck. It salutes active and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including members of the Magary and Baxter families.

The Marines are featured on the hood, the Air Force on the rear doors. Shelly Baxter’s son, Brian Snook, and daughter-in-law, Jennifer, appear in their Army uniforms on the right side. Brian is in the process of retiring after 20 years, and Jennifer is a couple years away from retiring. Barney Magary, Mann, and Barney’s granddaughter, Beth, are shown in their Navy uniforms on the left side.

Displaying American flags on both sides was the original idea, but after further suggestions were made, the graphics expanded to their current look, which was updated in 2013. Mann and his wife endorsed and funded the project, while Shelly’s sister, Judi Privett, compiled all the elements into the thematic murals.

When asked why they wanted the graphic wraps displayed on the truck, the Baxters’ response is simply: “Love, pride, duty, heritage, God, country and family.”

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