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‘In God We Truck’

By on January 1, 2020

Daniel, Phyllis & The Goose

When you have some downtime at a truck show or happen to be stopped for the night at a truck stop and you see The Goose parked there in all of its green glory, that’s your invitation to stop by and introduce yourself to Daniel and Phyllis Snow. If you can spare the time to sit a spell, you’ll be rewarded with some great conversation peppered with humorous stories, and if you’re so inclined, maybe a quote or three from the bible. They might even give you a bible if you ask. Don’t worry, they’re not pushy by nature and wouldn’t think about lecturing you. They’re hard-working owner-operators who just happen to make themselves available if you’re so inclined. 

They were single parents with five children between the ages of 5 and 12 when they met more than 28 years ago (Phyllis had three children, Daniel two). The story about the origins of their first date speaks volumes about the love that was almost snuffed out before it quickly turned into a five-alarm blaze. Daniel had noticed Phyllis working at a grocery store. Checked her out a bit. Finally decided it was time to ask her out. Here’s approximately how that first encounter went:

Daniel: “Would you like to have supper some night?”

Phyllis: “I’m not cooking for you.” (strike one)

Daniel: “Well, I didn’t really intend for you to cook for me.”

Phyllis: “I’m not buying anything for you to eat; that’s for sure.” (strike two) 

Daniel: “You know what, I really wasn’t planning on you cooking or buying. I thought I’d take you out somewhere.”

Phyllis: “Well, I might just go then.” 

Whirlwind Courtship

And so they did. The next night, they went to the local Bonanza for a steak dinner. Two days later, Daniel was working the local livestock auction barn, trying to drum up some loads for his bull haulin’ business. A friend told him there’s a lady outside who wants to see you. Wiping away some tears, Phyllis said, “I thought you liked me?” To which he replied, “I do. It’s only been two days!” That weekend, they went to a rodeo in the next county with the five kids. Phyllis was attempting to introduce Daniel to a friend, but she couldn’t remember his name. He forgave her but jokingly never lets her forget. Three months later, they were married on the only open weekend both had before Christmas 1991. They went to church on Sunday morning and were married there that evening. The honeymoon was postponed so both could keep working and tending to their newly combined family responsibilities.

The Joe & Janice Hunter Influence

About 12 years ago, Daniel and Phyllis met Truckstop Ministries founder, president and lead chaplain Joe Hunter and his wife, Janice, at GATS in Dallas. It wasn’t far from the Snow home in Harrison, Arkansas. Joe and Daniel were country boys at heart with deep roots in trucking. Jan and Phyllis bonded as well. They became friends, talking about the bible, engaging in spiritual conversations, while sharing burgers on the grill. Daniel had some serious health issues that took him off the road. He and Phyllis lost their home. The Hunters were there to help, offering emotional and financial support, never asking for anything in return. They called to check in when others didn’t.

In return, Daniel helped Joe keep an old motorhome running. Joe joked about waiting for the next truck show so Daniel, his son,  Jayme, and a friend, Michael Wallace, could fix whatever needed fixing. As time went by, the relationship grew. Although never employed by Truckstop Ministries, Daniel and Phyllis took every opportunity they could to work alongside Joe and Jan, doing the Lord’s work. That’s the primary reason Daniel and Phyllis turned the Goose into a working show truck. Although Joe went home to the Lord in 2018, and they see Jan less often, their influence as role models made a lasting impression.

OTR Teaming

Within a year after Jayme, their youngest turned 18, Phyllis decided to leave her job to ride along with Daniel, a vacation of sorts. They now call it the beginning of their 15-year postponed honeymoon. It didn’t take long for Phyllis to say, “I’m not doing my part. I want to learn how to drive.” Daniel and Jayme taught her to drive a big rig, and she studied the DOT manuals. Phyllis aced the written exams; the road test proved a bit tougher. The license examiner set the tone on her first attempt by saying upon meeting her that women had no business driving a truck. Adversely affected by that added pressure, she failed. More determined than ever, Phyllis handled the second driving test flawlessly, impressing the same license examiner and earning her CDL.

In their personal and business lives, Doc and Tinkerbell as they’re known, are a great team. They have each other’s back. When Phyllis had gallbladder surgery, she was back in the truck three days later with Daniel doing the bulk of the driving. When Daniel suffered a second heart attack, they couldn’t pay their bills and lost the house. With a recovering Daniel at her side, Phyllis handled most of the driving. Daniel handled the tight maneuvering in and out of docks. Daniel credits Phyllis’s determination with saving The Goose. They echo each other when they say, “We’ve found heaven on earth as devoted mates to God.”

With a nod to Congress, In God We Truck is proudly displayed on The Goose and serves as a daily guiding principle. With Phyllis’ approval, Daniel decided to go back to long haul driving 14 years ago with the intention of making more money. As independent owner-operators having their own authority, they haul general freight and are registered and certified on several load boards. While the business of being an independent has become increasingly tougher and costlier, Daniel, Phyllis and The Goose like the freedom and flexibility to spend time with their friends at several truck shows each year. Space doesn’t permit the telling of more stories and recalling the laughs that accompanied them. You can hear them for yourself if you make it a point to stop by and sit a spell the next time you see that big, honkin’, green Goose parked in a lot where you happen to be.  

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