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Trouble Saving Money?

By on September 1, 2017

20 Easy & Fun Ways for Socking It Away

While professional truck drivers are known for helping their highway brothers and sisters during times of financial difficulty, helping yourself by saving for unexpected emergencies is an even better idea. Whether using an old standby or a new idea, following are 20 relatively easy and even fun ways to save.

  1. Every Day – Start every day by setting aside $1 for $365 at yearend. Make it $3 for $1,095, or even $5 for $1,825
  2. Change Can – Keep a can in your truck for saving all your change. The $10, $15 or $20 you save each month will quickly add up.
  3. Nickel Escalator – If you save just $.05 on day one and increase the amount by $.05 each day for a year, the most you’ll have to save is $18.25 on the 365th day. You’ll ring in the New Year with $3,339.75. Then start over.
  4. Lincoln Lover – Save every $5 bill you receive in change during the course of a year. You can end up with $1,000, $1,500, even $2,000.
  5. Receipt Savings – When you see “You saved X dollars today.” on a receipt, actually save that amount and watch the total grow.
  6. Loan Extender – After paying off a loan for a car, motorcycle, or some other significant purchase, continue placing that monthly amount in a savings account. Nest egg builds; lifestyle remains the same.
  7. Dollar Challenge – At the end of every day, save all the $1 bills from your wallet.
  8. Lucky Number – Pick a daily number, then check your wallet nightly for bills whose serial numbers end in the digit you’ve chosen.
  9. Weekly Builder – Set aside $1 on Monday, $2 on Tuesday, and so on. By Sunday, you’ll have $28. Then start over. After 52 weeks, you’ll have $1,456.
  10. Calendar Countdown – Set aside $52 during the first week of January. Then $51 the second week, then $50 the next week and so on. Although tough at first, you’ll have $1,378 by the end of the year. Or start small and save $1 during the first week and build that up to $52 at yearend.
  11. Auto Save – Set up an automatic transfer of $100 or $200 from checking to savings every month. Consider using an online savings account that you can’t easily tap on a whim.
  12. Designate Dollars – Some banks let you set up one or more subaccounts that you can name. Designate the dollars you commit to each and watch you’re savings grow.
  13. Bank It – When you receive a pay increase, bonus or a tax refund, or other windfall, bank it. Chances are you won’t miss the extra money.
  14. Cash Rewards – Use a cash-rewards credit card to pay for everything you can—groceries, utilities, store purchases—and bank the cash rebates.
  15. Discounted Purchases – Buy discounted gift cards on the secondary market for items you need most often and use the cards like cash. Suppose you buy a $50 Walgreens® card for $42 and a $100 Walmart® card for $87. Immediately transfer $21 into savings.
  16. Make Some Deals – Devote a day when you’re home to seeking better deals on cable TV, phone service, internet providers, memberships, car insurance and other recurring expenses, and then start accumulating your savings into a dedicated account.
  17. Kick Unhealthy Habits – Do you smoke? Quit! Do you eat too much candy? Cut back. Then set aside the money that you’ve saved.
  18. Bill Yourself  – You meet your monthly obligations on schedule, right? Make “personal savings” a bill, then pay it. Place reminders on your calendar.
  19. Funds Laundering – Every time you do a load of wash, set $2 aside.
  20. Routine Transformation – Take a look at those little, repeated behaviors that could actually be costing you a ton. Forgo some things; pocket the savings.

Choose one or more of these ideas to help you turn your saving goals into a game that documents your progress and assures you’ll be the winner. Without discipline, some people never start down the road of saving for that time in their lives when they could really use a helping hand. Why not set a goal, implement a game plan and prove to yourself that you can take control of your finances in ways that you never thought possible. Let RoadKing know if this article helped you hop on the road to savings success.

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