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DPF Regen Problems?

By on May 1, 2018

Would you like to experience fewer and more thorough regens? Avoid derating your truck engine’s power or replacing your diesel particulate filter? Reduce or possibly eliminate lost driving time due to parked regens or shop time for cleaning?

1-gallon_wlogoJKG Fuel Solutions would like you to try EnerBurn® at no risk on a satisfaction-guaranteed or your-money-back basis. EnerBurn is a fuel consumption catalyst that enhances combustion in the cylinders, creating additional heat during the power stroke for a cleaner, more complete burn that reduces soot emissions by as much as 70%.

In addition to the more complete burn, the burn temperature of the remaining soot is reduced. The normal temp in the DPF is 1,150°. The average regen burns in the range of 1,200°. EnerBurn lowers the burn temp of diesel particulate matter to approximately 800°. Soot burns off passively and more thoroughly under normal driving conditions with significantly reduced need for active, on-board DPF regens.

EnerBurn enables diesel engines to perform at optimal levels. Extensive field testing under controlled engine conditions has proven that engine efficiency improves by 5-12%. Most truck owners experience an increase in fuel economy along with dramatically lowered costs for repair and replacement of exhaust-side components; this more than pays for the cost of EnerBurn. Lubricant and fuel stabilizing additives reduce the need for multiple fuel treatment products, while an anti-microbial agent kills off microbes that produce sludge and slime in the fuel lines and tanks. EnerBurn doesn’t void engine warranties or impact trade-in values.

Owners of more recent engines with SCR or DEF systems can expect to use less DEF at an additional cost savings of a few cents per mile. The harmful effects of particulates on other components including turbos, EGR valves and sensors, and higher soot levels in the oil are also reduced. To learn more about product performance and the experience of satisfied truck owners, visit BetterDiesel.com.

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