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Michelin Movin’On Summit

By on November 1, 2019

Driven by Global Sustainable Mobility

You don’t have to convince professional over-the-road drivers that tires are as important to worldwide mobility as the wheels they’re usually mounted on. That was never more evident than at the 2019 Movin’On Summit, the third annual event focused on global sustainable mobility. The key motivator is being at the forefront of a circular economy capable of reducing, reusing, renewing and recycling the materials necessary to deliver Michelin products and services, while reducing the environmental impact to the extent possible.

Evidence of this commitment was front and center in the form of the Michelin Uptis prototype (“Unique Puncture-proof Tire System”) at the Summit in Montreal, Quebec. Michelin and GM announced an agreement to validate the Uptis Prototype and set a goal of introducing Uptis on passenger models as early as 2024. Michelin and GM are poised to begin real-world Uptis testing on a fleet of Bolt EV vehicles operating in Michigan.

Taking the Air Out of Tires

The prototype originates from the Michelin Tweel Technology, created in 2012. It’s an airless radial tire with wheel assembly. A semi-rigid “shear-beam” forms a flexible, mechanical spring around the outside of the tire. The high-strength, poly-resin spokes make the tweel technology airless, resulting in low contact pressure, driver and passenger comfort and low overall mass.

“Uptis demonstrates that Michelin’s vision for a future of sustainable mobility is clearly an achievable dream,” said Florent Menegaux, chief executive officer for Michelin Group. “Through work with strategic partners like GM, who share our ambitions for transforming mobility, we can seize the future today.”

“General Motors is excited about the possibilities that Uptis presents, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Michelin on this breakthrough technology,” said Steve Kiefer, senior vice president, global purchasing and supply chain, General Motors. “Uptis is an ideal fit for propelling the automotive industry into the future and a great example of how our customers benefit when we collaborate and innovate with our supplier partners.”

Uptis represents a major advancement toward achieving Michelin’s VISION concept, which includes four pillars of innovation: airless, connected, 3D-printed and 100% sustainable (renewable and bio-sourced). 

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