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NexTraq® Fleet Visibility

By on November 1, 2019

Asset Tracking for Drivers & Fleets

NexTraq®, a Michelin group company headquartered in Atlanta, is a part of Michelin’s Global Services and Solutions business. Since acquiring NexTraq from FLEETCOR Technologies in 2017, the business has grown significantly and now serves more than 70,000 customers with over 850,000 vehicles, utilizing telematics solutions. A key component of Michelin’s international telematics offerings, the group boasts over 2,000 employees, worldwide.

NexTraq’s history of ongoing design innovations and industry firsts meshes perfectly with Michelin’s “A better way forward” vision. From tracking and reporting to routing and scheduling, NexTraq provides everything needed to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Asset tracking solutions help optimize fleet operations. Drivers can make better use of their hours of service by reducing wait times and spending more productive time on the road. Mobile apps enable users to better manage fleet assets whether on the road, at a desk or working from a remote location.

“NexTraq is more than just a provider of vehicle and asset tracking solutions”, said Vice President of Sales Todd Hanna. “We’re a valued GPS fleet and mobile workforce management partner to our customers—helping them succeed with every vehicle, every mobile asset, and every team member—every day.”

Part of the Big Picture

The work being done by NexTraq dovetails nicely with the Movin’On Summit which was attended by 5,000 decision makers, 40 exhibiting start-ups, 80 speakers, and a cross section of subject-matter experts, business managers and politicians from all over the world. The summit’s umbrella theme invited attendees to focus on solutions for a multi-modal ecosystem. Subthemes provided the basis for in-depth discussions in five critical areas:

  • Circular economy and life-cycle innovations
  • Decarbonization, air quality and related environmental challenges
  • Society and multi-modal urban transport
  • Innovative technologies in the transport ecosystem such as those employed by NexTraq
  • Multi-modal goods transportation over long distances down to the last mile

Converting ambition to action is another parallel shared by the Movin’On Summit and NexTraq. You can learn more about both of these global sustainability initiatives at their respective websites: Summit.MovinOnConnect.com and NexTraq.com

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