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So, You Think You Know Trucking

By on May 1, 2018

This RoadKing Quiz Puts Your Knowledge to the Test

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR TRUCKING HISTORY AND TRIVIA? TAKE THIS FUN QUIZ AND FIND OUT. No fair Googling the answers. You earn one point for each correct answer to the 30 basic questions and two points for each correct answer to the 15 Bonus Questions as noted by the boldface type.

  1. Who was the star of the action movie White Line Fever? Bonus Question 1: What year was this movie released?
  2. Can you name the top-five moving companies in 2006?
  3. Who was known as the “Father of the Interstate?”
  4. Approximately how many pigs are transported every day on the nation’s roads?
  5. Who is the only on-highway national account provider for Roadmaster tires?
  6. In what year did GMC replace its “bubble-nose” cabovers with the Crackerbox? Bonus Question 2: Why was it so named?
  7. How many truck occupants who died in highway crashes during 2012 were not wearing a seat belt?
  8. What company pioneered cross-country doubles operations? Bonus Question 3: Where did the run operate? 
  9. What is the big difference between air disc brakes and drum brakes?
  10. Caterpillar introduced its first truck engine in what year? Bonus Question 4: Name the engine model number?
  11. What company was the top less-than-truckload carrier in 2004?
  12. What were the top-five, worst-congested cities in the U.S. during 2005?
  13. What national trucking company was the first to outfit its tractors with satellite communications? Bonus Question 5: In what year?
  14. Can you name 2013’s top-five largest, public, refrigerated warehouses?
  15. In what year did Ford sell its heavy-duty truck business to Freightliner? Bonus Question 6: What name was used to rebrand the business?
  16. What is the most common street name in America?
  17. Which U.S.-based Class 8 truck manufacturer was the first to standardize daytime running lights? Bonus Question 7: In what year?
  18. What company received a patent for the first-ever Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR) system? Bonus Question 8: In what year?
  19. What company introduced the Constant-Mesh design landing gear, designed to eliminate shifting problems? Bonus Question 9: In what year?
  20. What state was the first to pass a law banning hand-held cell phone use while driving? Bonus Question 10: In what year?
  21. What state’s DOT deployed the nation’s first Truck Parking Information and Management System. Bonus Question 11: In what year?
  22. What percentage of the nation’s 614,387 bridges were in such poor condition as to be considered structurally deficient during 2016?
  23. Can you name the nation’s top-five truckload carriers in 2006?
  24. In what year did the last Peterbilt Model 379 Legacy Class Edition roll off the assembly line and into history?
  25. Can you name the top-five dedicated contract carriers of 2009?
  26. In what year did Ford open its Kentucky Truck Plant? Bonus Question 12: In what city?
  27. When did the Pennsylvania Turnpike officially open to traffic? Bonus Question 13: How many miles long was it at that time?
  28. How much water, ice and military rations were trucked into Florida after the four hurricanes that hit the state in 2004? Bonus Question 14: Name the four hurricanes?
  29. In what year did Jimmy Hoffa become president of the Teamsters? Bonus Question 15: Who did he succeed?
  30. Where and when was the first American motor truck show held?


  1. Jan-Michael Vincent, an independent trucker fighting the forces of evil in a corrupt trucking industry, and his “Blue Mule” – a Ford W9000 cabover. 1975.
  2. In order: United Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines, North American Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, Allied Van Lines.
  3. Frank Turner. Chosen by President Eisenhower to oversee the birth of the Interstate Highway System.
  4. 600,000.
  5. TravelCenters of America through its TA Truck Service Commercial Tire Network.
  6. 1959. Because of its very square look.
  7. 236.
  8. PIE. Between Boston and San Francisco.
  9. Heat dissipation; drum brakes overheat more quickly.
  10. 1960. Cat 1673.
  11. YRC Worldwide.
  12. In order: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA; San Francisco, CA; Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX.
  13. Schneider National. 1988.
  14. In order: Americold Logistics, Lineage Logistics, Millard, Preferred Freezer Services, United States Cold Storage.
  15. 1997. Sterling.
  16. Park Street.
  17. Volvo GM Heavy Truck. 1995.
  18. Zonar. 2003.
  19. Kysor Westran. 1990.
  20. New York. 2001.
  21. Michigan’s DOT at five public rest areas and 10 private truck stops along a section of I-94, 2014.
  22. 9.1 percent (56,007 bridges).
  23. In order: Schneider National, Swift Transportation, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, LandStar System, Werner Enterprises.
  24. March 2007 at Peterbilt’s Denton, TX, plant.
  25. In order: J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services, Greatwide Dedicated Transport, Ryder System, Swift Transportation, Ruan Transport Corp.
  26. 1969. Louisville, KY.
  27. October. 1, 1940. 160 miles from Carlisle to Irwin.
  28. Some 9.5 million gallons of water, 78.5 million pounds of ice and 14 million MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.
  29. 1957. Dave Beck.
  30. Chicago in 1907.

Scoring – If you accumulated:

0 to 5 points, better luck on the next trucking industry knowledge quiz.

6 to 10 points, you are an Authority on Trucking Industry Knowledge.

11 to 20 points, you are a Master of Trucking Industry Knowledge.

21 to 30 points, you are a Scholar of Trucking Industry Knowledge.

31 or more points, you have unbelievable Trucking Industry Knowledge.

NOTE: The maximum score is 60 points – 30 for answering the 30 basic questions correctly – and 30 more for answering the 15 Bonus Questions correctly.

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