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TA Greenland is a small site with a big heart

By on July 24, 2015

Tucked away in a small New Hampshire town, the TA Greenland may seem unassuming at first, just because it is a smaller site. But it serves as a hub for truckers traveling through the Northeast and so has a very special relationship with the drivers who make up the bulk of its customers.

TA-Greenland-4“Oh, we know just about all our drivers by their first name,” says store general manager Heidi Maltais. “A lot of them have dedicated runs and we are a central location for them. So the people on staff do little things to let our drivers know that we appreciate them, like giving them homemade cookies on the holidays or helping them carry packages out of the store. The staff does that on their own — they like the drivers to know that someone is thinking of them.”

TA-Greenland-6In fact, every part of TA Greenland is designed with drivers foremost in mind. The store carries mud flaps and specific signs that the neighboring state of Maine requires on wide-load rigs. The staff hands out cards noting places that might be of interest to truckers who ask about the area. Reserve-It Parking means that drivers can make sure they have a space waiting for them when they get off the road. New pumps have DEF available.

TA-GreenlandA recent remodel has streamlined the store and fuel areas, so that there is one central cashier area. The Country Pride now includes a salad bar.

“It’s a beautiful salad bar, and the food at the restaurant is so good,” boasts server Kaylah Bickford. “I come in even on my days off to eat here.”

TA-Greenland-9New England means seafood

Lasagna never fails to have fans, but make it with shrimp and crab, then smother it in alfredo sauce? That’s a meal to remember. “The seafood lasagna is very filling,” says server Colleen Cullen. “Not too many people can eat the whole thing.” Fortunately the restaurant has to-go boxes.

No food is wasted

Sometimes drivers have too much food — on their truck. TA Greenland has found a way to help out their customers while also making a difference in the community. Drivers may arrive with a load of food that was rejected due to a box ripped in transit or some other detail, even though the contents are intact. TA Greenland has contacts with the local food pantry and churches that will take the food, and everyone benefits.


Historical place

The town of Greenland dates back to Colonial times and the local library has a detailed accounting of its history, including a visit from President George Washington in 1789, the first paved roads in 1923 and the first traffic light in 1979.

Pleasant surroundings


Porter Danny Waltz is the longest TA Greenland employee, with 20 years at the site. He feels a strong sense of pride about keeping the showers and restrooms clean and well-supplied. “I always get nice compliments about the cleanliness of the showers,” he says. “I really enjoy that interaction with the drivers, and the atmosphere of friendliness here.”

TA Greenland, New Hampshire


Where: I-95, Exit 3(N), 3B (S)
Phone: (603) 436-3636
Fax: (603) 436-1575
Truck Parking: 71
Private Showers: 7
Restaurant: Country Pride
Other Amenities: StayFit Basketball Hoop, Pet Area, Barbershop


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