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Indiana: Crossroads of America

By on March 1, 2018

Welcome to Indiana. From the days of wilderness explorers to the present, Indiana has served as the crossroads of America. Its physical location destined the state to serve as a corridor for movement of people and goods from north to south and east to west. In the time of French trappers and traders, Indiana was the link between Canada and Louisiana, giving birth to the settlement of Vincennes. The British saw Indiana’s strategic importance, and took over in 1763.

Indiana was the name given to the Indiana Territory by the United States Congress upon creation from the vast Northwest Territory in 1800. The name means, “Land of Indians.” After the American Revolution, and the War of 1812, settlers continued to move through, arriving via the waterways and by land. By 1816 when Indiana gained statehood, 60,000 people had already settled there. Then, prior to the Civil War, the Underground Railroad flourished throughout the state, and Indiana became a conduit to freedom for thousands of slaves fleeing to Canada.

Today, this historical significance is not lost as Crossroads of America continues as the official state motto. With the centrally located Indianapolis providing the hub for the convergence of four Interstate highways, it’s no surprise this booming metropolis serves as the home base for many of America’s for-hire and private trucking fleets. Combined with the state’s manufacturing, industrial and agricultural economies, Indiana’s transportation system continues to keep America on the move.

Hoosier Pride at 14 Locations

The more than 1,400 professionals who serve you at 14 TA-Petro locations across Indiana take great pride in serving those living here or just passing through. You’re invited to stop 24/7/365, whether you need a short break, are stopping for a meal, spending the night, taking a 34-hour shutdown, need emergency truck service, or for any other reason. As shown below, the seven Rs found at the top of the TA-Petro.com website serve as reminders why professional OTR drivers have overwhelmingly voted TA-Petro locations and their staff members the best on the Interstate for 11 consecutive years:

Replenish your supplies in our fully stocked travel and convenience stores

Refresh your body with a great selection of food and beverage choices

Repair your truck at our full-service TA Truck Service centers

Rescue you and your truck should it break down simply by contacting RoadSquad Connect®

Refuel with top quality diesel fuel and DEF service at every pump

Reserve-It! parking secures your spot whenever you arrive

Rewards via the UltraONE Club are earned and redeemable wherever you stop


13 Country Pride or Iron Skillet full-service restaurants with buffets
13 Quick-Service Restaurants for those times when time matters most
14 Full-Service Locations with a complete selection of driver-preferred amenities
56 TA Truck Service Bays staffed by ASE and TIA certified technicians
119 Private, brightly lite, well-appointed, refreshingly hot showers
134 Refueling lanes with DEF and regularly replenished windshield washing supplies
1,400+ Dedicated, well-trained, professional staff members
2,757 Easy-in / Easy-out parking spaces, with some dedicated to Reserve-It!















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