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Top Brands, Widest Selection

By on May 1, 2019

Electronics-1When you’re looking for in-cab electronics and technology products in the sight, sound, navigation and power generation categories, you can count on participating TA, Petro and TA Express locations for a broad selection, excellent quality, competitive pricing and off-the-shelf availability. This 12-page electronics showcase is designed to provide you with highlights and photos for 66 products in eight categories:

You’ll find reliable brands known for innovations and technological advances that keep you and your truck operating at peak efficiencies. While trucking has been on a technological march for several years now, the pace of change and driver acceptance are increasing. Retain this issue of RoadKing containing the first Electronics Showcase. Refer to it often as you look to introduce new technologies into the cab of your truck when replacing obsolete and worn-out products. If you want to download and/or print this complete 2019 Electronics Showcase, CLICK HERE.












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