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‘You’re the Coach’

By on November 1, 2019

5Ps Fuel Driver’s Dream

Whether pro, college, high school, grade school or neighborhood pick-up—if you love watching the game of football—you’ll love an engaging, interactive board game developed and patented by Michael Wray. When he’s on the clock, he’s a dedicated professional OTR driver for Steven’s Distributors, headquartered in Rolla, Missouri, not far from his Raymondville home. On his own time, he’s dedicated to the success of a challenging and very entertaining football board game that he’s created, called, You’re the Coach.In telling his story, the use of five words starting with the letter “P” characterize his efforts. The five words in alpha order are: Passion, Patience, Perfection, Persistence and Positivity.

Early Influences

When Michael was only 14-years-old, he wrote a short story that sparked his growing passion for football, games and traditional family values. That was just the beginning of a journey not yet completed, a vision not yet fulfilled. He credits his grandmother, Christine Smith, and his parents, Michael and Sybil Wray, for instilling those values in him. Special thanks go to Chrissy White, his fiancée, for her moral support. He gives all the glory to God in his successful travels with his creation, attributing the time it has taken for the arrival of success to the fact that he’s “on God’s time, not his time.”

From his birthplace in Bedford, Virginia through 16 years of service in the U.S. Navy and 17 years and 2.5 million miles as a professional driver, the flames are only burning bigger and brighter from the spark that started many years ago. Appearing on the hit television show, “Shark Tank,” to help fund his creation is his ultimate goal. For now, he plans game nights with individuals he meets, has set up workshops in local retail establishments, and even has plans to showcase the game at nearby Fort Leonard Wood due to a friend’s interest. For Michael, the game is about education, wholesome entertainment and fun with family and friends more than anything else; something he believes can only be achieved through non-digital means.

Uncanny Reality

Michael, 51, is the creator, designer and mastermind behind You’re the Coach, a football lover’s dream game filled with a mixture of strategy and chance. The simple tri-fold game board is just the beginning of a decades-long passion that Michael has invested in developing and perfecting his original idea. With the right play calls and the successes and failures that come with the roll of the dice, anyone can be the winner of his or her very own championship. 

Just like real football, you can check off at the line of scrimmage, trying to get the defense to jump offside. At its more advanced levels, the game is so realistic that you’ll feel like you’re down on the field. The results are so astonishing, even the average fan can better understand how to play and coach. You can create your own teams or league and decide at which level you choose to play the game—High School, College or Pro. As your skill level accelerates, you can include every factor or possibility of actual hard-hitting, on-the-field football.

The game itself can be simple or challenging, depending on both your football knowledge and understanding of the game itself. A unique feature of the game is that the rules, pieces and information you need to win are all contained in a three-ring binder. Plays, defensive maneuvers, and charts to see what your dice have done… everything has been calculated and fine-tuned to provide an outstanding experience.

You’re the Coach doesn’t take a backseat to TV’s reality shows; in fact, it’s far better. You don’t have to be an athletic superstar to play, and your knowledge of the game counts far more than your physical size, strength, agility, age, gender, etc. If you love the X’s and O’s of football, this game is made for you. You choose your plays on offense, trying to anticipate the defense that will challenge you. On defense, you call plays that are designed to stop the run or defend the pass. 

Michael estimates that more than 1,500 people have played his game, including individuals from Germany, France and Australia. The age ranges from six to 75, and includes players that are NFL affiliated, along with various college and high school athletes and coaches. The entire package may appear overwhelming at first, but as soon as you look at the first page, you realize that the years, dedication and passion that Michael has put into the game have polished it to the point of easy navigation and understanding.

You can learn more about You’re the Coach at Michael Wray’s Facebook or you can visit the YoureTheCoach.com website. If you wish to experience his excitement and enthusiasm firsthand, you can even call him at 417.217.5586

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